Michelle »


Thank you and Stroller Strides for making it possible for me to begin to get back in shape. Seriously, all of my baby weight is off and a little more! If it hadn't been for your Stroller Strides classes (the availability of times and locations as well as the excellent instructors...including you!), I would probably have never gotten my butt out there to work out. Not only do I enjoy it but so does baby Edgar!

You're running a fantastic franchise and it really shows great leadership skills in the fact that the members are so welcoming and the teachers are so enthusiastic about giving us a good work out. THANK YOU for all of your hard work & for providing a wonderful oppportunity for new moms in Chicago!!!!


Megan »


After having my baby, I needed a jumpstart to start exercising and eating right again. Body Back was the perfect solution! Not only did it help me think about the mindless snacking I did while staying at home with my baby, it also got me exercising regularly and with more intensity. As I began to exercise longer and harder and make better food choices, I found myself feeling so much stronger and more energized to take care of my 5 month old. While Body Back helped me loose the extra pounds I couldn't loose on my own, it more importantly made me feel like a healthy, reenergized mom. Body Back was definitely worth it, and I encourage any new moms to try it out for themselves!


Sarah »


I will never be able to express how appreciative i am to you and everyone else at Stroller Strides who have helped me so much. When I was at some of my lowest points you guys were there to help me see the positives and played a major role in overcoming my postpartum depression. I hope that one day I'm able to rejoin the group, and until then I wish nothing but the best for everyone at Stroller Strides.


Debbie »


Thank you for all of the fun of Stroller Strides! You ladies are awesome! I loved knowing there was a group of moms I could meet up with everyday. Stroller Strides is the best way for new moms to get moving, make friends, and stay healthy.


Erica »


We can't wait to get back to class! The true miracle of childbirth is Stroller Strides! Thank you for making it possible for expecting moms to stay active in a fun and safe way. I can't wait to come back!!

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