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Mom-Style - Pulling Together a Last Minute Look


Pulling together a last-minute look

Being a mom has made me really good at being simultaneously pulled together and really gross. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out. There are days where, despite your best efforts, you just aren’t going to get in a shower, where you’re in your sweaty workout clothes all day, or you’re just too tired, or filled with that hopeless exhaustion that comes from being pulled in every direction by people whose needs always seem to come before your own.

But sometimes, we want to feel more like our real selves again. Maybe your girlfriend called and she wants to grab a drink. Maybe you just want to take off those stretch pants and take the whole family to Olive Garden so you don’t have to Do. One. More. Thing. Today. More likely, you pull a crumpled notice out of your kid’s backpack that says “Family Night is Tonight!” and you die a little inside.

All right, mama. Time to brush the baby snot out of your hair and get into the game. But what to wear?

For me, styling comes down to four things that I incorporate into almost every casual outfit.

1.) Killer denim. You have to have a good pair of jeans that fit and feel great to put on. Jeans shopping is a lot like swimsuit shopping, I’m not going to lie. You have to try on a bunch of different pairs, but it is so worth it. When you find that pair that looks good in the leg and makes your butt look great, it’s truly a life-changing moment. I’ve had women cry happy tears, we’ve hugged it out, they come back and visit me in their jeans. The jeans don’t have to be expensive. While it’s true that premium denim is often softer and better at retaining its shape, pay attention to the pocket placement (not too big, not too small, not too far apart) and the way they make you feel. A good pair of jeans always feels great to pull on and is the foundation of any outfit.

2.) A graphic tee. Find one that speaks to you (I have one that says, “Always late,” because, I mean.) Find one that speaks to your world (Another fave says, “Kindness is Magic,” because it is!) Don’t forget the side tuck! This shows off your shape and your jeans, and is universally flattering.

3.) Layer a jacket, kimono or sweater over the whole thing. This instantly takes your whole outfit to the next level.

4.) Statement earrings. Normally, this wouldn’t be the part I emphasized the most, but for a last minute zero-to-hero situation, it is impossible not to feel pulled together in earrings, even if your hair is in a messy bun and needed a wash three days ago. #nojudgements Try a pop of color or a fun new texture. This is not to say that you should do the earrings to the exclusion of steps 1-3, but goodness knows I’d rather be noticed for my beaded earrings than my greasy roots. Let’s hear it for a good distraction!

Come visit me at the Evereve at Northbrook beginning June 18! Feel free to bring the kids, don’t worry if you’re wearing sweats or even if you don’t feel like trying on clothes that day.

See you soon!

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Left, that’s me after a run and some errands. That’s me on the right, same mom, no shower, ready to take on the PTA fundraiser meeting that I forgot all about until 5 minutes ago. Let’s do this!