Yoon-Jin - Jan mom.jpg

Meet Yoon-Jin - January's Mom of the Month!

Name: Yoon-Jin Han

Child(ren) name and age: Evelyn (20 months on the 31st)

Where are you from: Southwest Suburbs of Chicago, currently in Edgebrook

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: I love the accountability and the Mom socialization with kids/babies!

Favorite Exercise: sit ups and any kind of sit ups combo

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: after I put Evelyn down for nap, I can do whatever I need to do even if it’s work or house cleaning...

What motivates you to exercise: it shows good habits for my daughter. It helps me fit into my my pre-baby clothes better. I don’t feel as bad when I eat certain things when I get a good workout in.

How has FIT4MOM changed your life? It’s so nice to have new friends! I feel more outgoing and always can depend on the FIT4MOM village if I need help or have questions! Usually someone already asked so I don’t even have to most of the time!

Piece of advice for new moms: take it one day at time, don’t over stress about things and enjoy the moment because it (time) DOES go by so fast!