Tiarnagh - June.jpg

Meet Tiarnagh - June's Mom of the Month!

Name: Tiarnagh Costello

Child(ren) name and age: Andrea 2.5, Sophia 9 months, Do we include the partners as children?? He’s 39 going on 17..

Where are you from: Ireland, but most recently we moved from San Diego.

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: Being able to be outdoors getting fit and healthy with the children. If I didn’t have FIT4MOM I’d have to meet mom friends eating cake somewhere and that would not be good.

Favorite Exercise: There is a butt-kicker/knee-repeater exercise that I love as its really fast paced and you feel the burn straight away..

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: The early evening when the children are asleep and look like angels and I can drink all the hot tea I want.

What motivates you to exercise: At the moment I’m losing weight for my wedding in November, but I love the energy I get from exercising and being able to share a healthy lifestyle with my children.

How has FIT4MOM changed your life? Where do I start???? There are not enough hours...I’m astounded my gyno hasn’t heard of FIT4MOM..hello?! Firstly, stroller strides gives me structure to my day which sets us all up for a great day. With strides and the other classes I’ve been to (bodyback and bodyignite) I can connect so easily with the other mums compared to trying to make friends when you are new to a place, It takes forever! It’s a safe place where you can chat, laugh, moan and sympathize and it’s all while working out! It’s an incredible source of trustworthy baby/kid knowledge. Then the lovely instructors make it more than enjoyable, bringing their personalities to each class makes working out easier, less painful, and makes me keep wanting to come back. The support they offer is genuine and kind and so important. I’m totally addicted. I adore the question of the day! I’ve basically found my tribe. It was the first thing I checked up about Chicago when it came up as a potential place to live. It’s my safety net, my survival kit and I can’t imagine how lost I’ll be when the kids grow older and head off to school.

Piece of advice for new moms: It took me forever to get to my first stroller strides class when I was a new mom, I went twice without the baby! I found it so hard to get it all together by a certain time in the morning and I remember messaging the instructor saying “I’m never going to make it to a class” and she just messaged back “just get to class”....they would take care of all the rest, just to get there and it would be ok. I’ve said that to everyone I know who hasn’t gone to class. Oh and buy a dedicated bucket for soaking poop stained clothes .