Lauren - Sept.jpeg

Meet Lauren - September's Mom of the Month!

Name: Lauren Schlesselman

Child(ren) name and age: JB age 11 months

Where are you from: Born and Raised in Chicago!

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: I love the beautiful setting of Evanston’s Lake Front! There is something so magical about bringing your baby to a gorgeous place! Add in new mom friends and a wonderful workout! Stroller Strides is the best!

Favorite Exercise: Tricep dips and pushups! They are hard and a total work in progress, but I always feel strong after!

Favorite Mom-me time of the day:

NAP time! I actually take a nap or rest when my baby naps! It’s been the best piece of advice that I have taken very seriously! We are down to one nap a day and on the go so much. So taking a moment every day to just take a deep breath or a snooze is amazing! Naps wont last forever! So I am taking advantage!!!

What motivates you to exercise: Keeping up with my baby and being a happier Mommy! Knowing my baby will benefit from socializing is the cherry on top!

How has FIT4MOM changed your life? I have lost almost 30lbs since starting Stroller Strides in May! I won a contest for a free Month and I have been hooked ever since! I had a hard time getting pregnant and staying pregnant so I was on partial bed rest for a long time! Going from resting and building a baby inside me to taking care of a newborn was a shock to my system! Add in baby health issues and it was a-lot of stress! Having a place to go every day where I could chat with other moms, get my health, strength and body back at my own pace has been the best!

Piece of advice for new moms: Less is more! If something doesn’t get done around the house its ok! If you can’t get out of the house that day- its ok! Your baby will never need you more than he or she does right now! Take advantage of every moment to bask in the beauty of what your love created! The laundry will wait (for a minute)!

(Before pics on the right... current pics on the left!!)