Lisa's Body Back Journey - Week 8

I can’t believe we have come to the end of this eight-week journey. While it is the end of my Body Back session, it is certainly not the end of a revitalized healthy lifestyle for me and my family.

Final Results:

Over 5 inches lost total.

1.5 inches off my waist

1 inch off my hips

1.75 inches off my thigh

7.8 pounds lost

Strength gains of over 21% in each category (Burpees, Squats, Push Ups and Bicep Curls)

Held Plank for 2 minutes (almost doubled)

Went from 2 – 10 push-ups (push-ups are admittedly my weakness)

Overall percentage change of 292%!

Carrie asked us today to tell her something we want to carry on from this session to the next session and beyond. My answer was meal planning. Meal planning has been such an important piece to keeping me on track the last eight weeks. When there isn’t a plan, I give in to the temptation to grab fast food or take out. It also helped me shop more efficiently and cut down on my visits to the grocery store. How often do you visit the grocery store when you don’t plan ahead?! I am so curious to know how much money I didn’t spend by not having alcohol, soda, take out 2-3 times a week and frequent trips to the grocery store. Whatever that cost is, it is certainly more than the cost of a Body Back session😊

Things I am proud of:

I am so proud of my results. I didn’t get the ten-pound weight loss I originally set as my goal, but I lost inches and I got STRONGER! I was in good shape when I started (except for those pesky push-ups), so to gain even more strength says a lot. I am also proud of the fact I only missed one class. There were some stressful weeks in there and it would have been so easy for me to take those two hours away from the “me” column and put them in the “everything else” column. The workouts not only helped alleviate some of that stress, but the meditations calmed my mind. Seeing my mom friends is always a bonus.

Things I would have done differently:

Hmm, this is difficult. I wouldn’t have been so hard on myself when the weight wasn’t coming off as fast as I wanted. I know the process. I knew as long as I put the work in that I would be happy at the end. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. You give 100%, you get 100%. I repeat this often to my clients and I need to remember that for myself!

Things I will keep doing:

Meal planning! I am going to keep meal planning, that has been the key to my success. I refuse to forget all my hard work and ease back into unhealthy eating habits. I will also focus on that one trip to the grocery store each week. I quit craving soda weeks ago, so it makes sense to just not buy soda anymore. I can’t say I won’t enjoy a coke zero at the movies, or a restaurant, but there is no reason for me to keep it in my house. Finally, I will keep working out. I was doing that before but will certainly continue. The next few weeks I will ramp up my running to get ready for Ragnar (hmm, another blog topic??:)), but will still exercise four-six days a week.

Closing thoughts:

This has been an amazing journey. Writing this blog has helped me take things one week at a time. It has also helped me celebrate small victories and recognize my challenges. I have loved Body Back whole-heartedly for over five years and didn’t think I could appreciate it more than I already do. This experience has even further enhanced my love for Body Back. The fact that we can do this for so many moms in the Chicagoland area brings a lot of joy to my heart.

If you are interested in going on your own eight-week journey, please reach out to me😊