Lisa's Body Back Journey - Week 7


I can’t believe we are in Week seven and assessments are at the end of the week! Now that I’ve stopped dwelling on the scale (it took me long enough!), I’m celebrating all of the progress I’ve made. I had to order a piece to attach to my wedding ring to keep it from falling off! If that isn’t a sign of my progress, I don’t know what is! I’m excited for my measurements and strength assessments on Friday. It has been incredible being on this side of the process. Assessment day is always my favorite as an instructor and it will surely be even more fulfilling as a client.

Success Strategies:

I’ve mastered planning and am extremely motivated to keep my meal planning up after the session ends. This is the major key for me to keep from derailing during the week. I shop after I teach class every Saturday and make my oatmeal energy bites every Sunday. I’m confident we have saved a lot of money on take out the last seven weeks. In the past, I would order dinner in whenever I didn’t know what to cook. By planning ahead, I don’t have to think about it at all during my very busy weeks.


Last week was a challenge to attend every class. I’ve had a lot going on and was tempted to skip class in order to get some work done. I overcame temptation and didn’t skip and was so happy I went. I promised myself at the beginning of the session I would give myself two hours a week and not feel guilty about it. I have only missed one class (because of a previously planned commitment) and couldn’t feel prouder about that. That one-hour workout with a group of supportive women and an amazing coach is just what the doctor ordered. It is comforting to have those two hours to look forward to. I get to relieve some stress (where normally I might do that with junk food) and calm my mind during our end of class meditations. I’m already sad about the session ending next week!

Coming up next week – my results!