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Get to know the FIT4MOM Playgroup Captains!

By now you know that FIT4MOM Chicago is so much more than an exercise class. In addition to the multiple classes we offer, Our Village Playgroups are an amazing group of supportive moms. Of course, all great groups must have a leader!

Our Playgroup Captains are an integral part of our village. They not only are a welcoming face to our classes, they also plan monthly crafts, stay and plays, outside of class play dates and some amazing Mom's Nights. The village wouldn't be the village without them! So, let’s get to know these amazing mamas a little better. Let us introduce to you Holly, Christine, Bailey, Sarah, Megan, Katy and Erin. Please take the time to read further about their experiences as Playgroup Captains and don’t forget to let them know you appreciate all they do! Thanks ladies!

Side Note! You do NOT have to be a member of FIT4MOM to join the FIT4MOM Our Village Weekly Playgroup. All moms are welcome! This is a FREE group!

Name: Holly VanDalsen

Kiddos: Maximus VanDalsen

Favorite thing about Playgroup: My favorite thing about playgroup captain is crafts. Seeing the older kids being creative and being able to include our youngest of village babies is the best.

Favorite Mom’s Night Out (MNO): so hard to pick just one because each one has some top-notch memories. If you have not ever made it to a mom’s night out yet do it! The paddle boarding and dock restaurant MNO was a blast. Paddle boarding since I had never done it before was a blast. There is also something to be said about being outside on the beach at night with music and other moms, it was a blast. Excited for it to continue to be an annual MNO.

Favorite FIT4MOM Memory: My favorite fit4mom memory once again so hard to pick just one! Overall, I just am so thankful for the kindness and community of this village. My husband and I moved here in May and I knew exactly one person in Chicago. We have no family here and all of you have quickly become great friends and some my new family. I was a FIT4MOM member in Michigan before we moved and was confident knowing I would meet moms at the Chicago franchise but it exceeded more than I could have ever dreamed of. From the bottom of my heart I am so thankful for everyone in this village you mommas help make memories on the daily and I’m so blessed to know you all.

Name: Christine Mishoulam

Kiddos: Two sons Senna age 3 and Lucca 11 months

Favorite thing about Playgroup: My favorite thing about playgroup is no matter how bad of a morning I've had at home trying to get out the door, my mom friends and their kiddos always make me feel normal and appreciated.

Favorite Mom’s Night Out (MNO): I have unfortunately not been to as nearly as many as I would have liked...but any time involving drinks and time with my girlfriends is priceless.

Favorite FIT4MOM memory: One of my favorite memories of FIT4MOM is how easy it was to fit in and how welcoming the moms were. I realized early on once I started attending that I had struck gold and that I was going to survive being a stay at home mom. ;)

Name: Bailey Pindral

Kiddos: Isabela 22 months, Mackenzie 8 weeks

Favorite thing about Playgroup: Bringing together moms and making friends and watching all the kids interact together!

Favorite Mom's night out: Board and Brush

Favorite FIT4MOM memory: watching my daughter run up to her friends at Stroller Strides and give them a hug after being gone on maternity leave!

Name: Sarah Ward

Kiddos: Jimmy (age 21 mos)

Favorite thing about Playgroup: I love staying after class watching the kids learn and interact with each other as they grow.

Favorite Mom’s Night Out (MNO): I love all Mom's nights out! We need them and I always leave feeling closer to other moms and looking forward to the next night out!

Favorite FIT4MOM memory: Just after starting with Fit4mom Jimmy was diagnosed with food allergies, all the instructors and other moms were so wonderful and supportive. I really felt like part of the village.

Name: Megan Roeseler

Kiddos: Lura- 13 months

Favorite thing about Playgroup: I like watching the kids interact with each other. It is fun for my daughter to interact with kids her age, but also learn skills from the kids a bit older than her. I like that usually my daughter is worn out by the end and will nap much better afterwards!!!!

Favorite Mom’s Night Out (MNO): I like the Tuscan Wine bar or Goat Yoga!

Favorite FIT4MOM memory: I think my favorite memory is when I first joined back in January 2018 when my daughter was 3 months. I really needed an outlet and I found other mom's groups I've tried to be really judgmental and not welcoming, so I was pleasantly surprised how warm and welcome I felt entering into the village. I work part time too, so I really love getting to be able to do something for myself without feeling like I'm not spending enough time with my kid.

Name: Katy Bode

Kiddos: Bec Bode

Favorite thing about Playgroup: I love seeing the kiddos (and moms) smile with new activities. This summer’s water fun water party stay n' play & craft was one of my favorites. I love coordinating with the Instructors specialty class so that the Mom's get a special class and the kiddos get a coordinating special play time after. Our water party and craft was after a fun water class with baby pools, water drippers and making boats with some fun music playing. The kiddos were running around giggling, happy and wet and moms were happily chatting away and getting in on the fun :) The fire house play group was pretty great too, so many moms, dads and kids came out for it.

Favorite Mom’s Night Out (MNO): I don't think I can pick a favorite I look forward to our monthly MMO (Mom's Morning Out) Brunch that has been a hit. It is

so great to take a little bit out of the weekend for ourselves and enjoy some kid free time to chat.

Favorite FIT4MOM memory: During a Stroller Strides class a few days before Thanksgiving 2017 while doing squats and tickle toes Bec said his first word "Momma" and kept repeating it the rest of class. A moment I will never forget.

Name: Erin Kolbe

Kiddos: Kyler (8) Kennedy (3)

Favorite thing about Playgroup: My fav thing about the playgroup is watching the kiddos interact and the moms bond over the interactions. The unity it brings is incredible.

Favorite Mom’s Night Out (MNO): My fav MNO has been our mani/pedi nights. We have always had an amazing turn out. It’s so fun to watch the moms connect as women along with being moms. That support is just so important for us all.

Favorite FIT4MOM memory: My fav Fit4Mom memory is hard to place. I love when I have watched other moms connect and form friendships outside of class :-)