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Cassie's Thoughts on FIT4MOM!

Cassie joined us for classes last winter and is giving her thoughts on FIT4MOM! Thanks for joining us Cassie!

From Cassie:

Just before the holidays, Fit4Mom contacted Chicago Latina Moms about attending classes and being social media ambassadors.

I was torn. Pre-baby I loved going to the gym daily, but postpartum I haven’t been able to reach my fitness goals as easily.

I hadn’t been to a workout class since before my little one was born three years ago. Would I be able to keep up? Would I feel comfortable, especially because I’m still holding onto a few baby weight pounds? Would I be too self conscious to be really present?

My worries were quickly put at ease during a Body Back session when Carrie, my instructor, said, “Be where you are now, and work with what you have now. Don’t worry about what you could do in high school, or pre-baby. Be where you are today.” Carrie helped me realize that all the pressure I put on myself was truly about ME.

In a resistance interval where you find a partner in the class, I met another mom who was also nervous about keeping up with everyone else. After our conversation, I became more aware of the room and realized everyone was focused internally on what they were there for: “Me time.” I was able to bring more focus to myself and the work I knew I needed to do internally.

I was also able to catch a Stroller Strides class. This entailed jogging with my son in a stroller and similar workout intervals. My LO was definitely the oldest child in the class, and I was worried he wouldn’t want to sit in the stroller the entire time. Before class, I asked him to run a few laps around the gym, and along with a little screen time at the end, he did really well!

He even mentioned a few weeks later that his favorite thing to do with Mommy was to “exercise with her!”

Overall, here's what I'll remember most from that introductory experience with Fit4Mom:

The day after my first class, I was chatting with a co-worker about my experience. I told her I was a bit sore but I loved the pace, the adjustments my teacher was able to give me, and the lack of judgment from other moms in the class. I was especially proud of myself for keeping up. My friend pointed out, "Even though you're sore, you’ve got a big smile on your face!"

Thank you Fit4Mom for sponsoring my time as a social media ambassador and helping me get back into working out in a way that supports me and my son! I’ll see you in class soon!

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