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Top 10 Reasons We Can't Wait to Head Indoors for the Season!

We've had an awesome summer and early fall outdoors at Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre, but now it's time to head indoors for the remainder of the fall and winter season. We thought we'd have a little fun and list the top 10 reasons we can't wait to head indoors! This list was compiled by all of your fabulous Fit4Mom instructors.

10- Bathrooms are nearby at ALL TIMES- very important for our expectant mamas and potty training toddlers!

9- All of our locations have amazing FREE parking lots!

8- You can pack whatever you want for class and not have to worry about it fitting in your stroller basket.

7- We can rock out! Indoor classes mean fun music to put some spring in your step for your workouts.

6- No more bug spray, sunscreen, squirt bottles because it's hot or extra blankets when it's cold.

5- No random people staring and trying to take pictures of us- seriously, what is up with that? It's like they have never seen anyone working out before.

4- No talking or yelling over the lawn mowers that always seem to follow us in class

3- Different environmental elements- like WALLS! We can wall-sit ALL. DAY. LONG.

2- Target trip can be combined with Stroller Strides class (sorry, only for our Windy City Fieldhouse mamas).

and the number one reason we can't wait to head indoors.....

1- NO MORE WEATHER UPDATES! These are your weather girls signing off until the spring! You can find us all at our indoor locations next week!

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