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Sarah's Family Tradition

There are lots of family traditions I grew up with including eating at the Walnut Room in *Marshall Fields*; a holiday cookie baking day with my sisters, Mom, aunts, cousins, and now all our kids; attending Midnight Mass; and going downtown to look at the windows of Field’s and Carson’s.

As I’ve started my own family, I wanted to create some new traditions that are more accessible for my family right now, and that are also age appropriate with little kids. So. One of my favorite holiday traditions has become making handmade ornaments and winter decorations with my older son, Joaquín, and next year we will incorporate Timo! Some of my favorites have been snowflakes made from popsicle sticks with glued on white buttons (and then later the addition of sparkly “jewels” as Joaquín calls them) - these can be hung on a tree or all over the house! ; a ball covered in bright colored Pom-Poms; Christmas trees made from painted popsicle sticks, puffy paint and ribbon; and a snowman.

We’re spending quality time together laughing and being creative, and most importantly, creatating great memories.

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