Recipe of the Week- Stroller Snacks and School Lunches

I have found myself having many conversations with other moms lately about school lunches. Yes, we all dread packing them! But I realized that a lot of what I give my girls for lunch, is a variation on what I had given them for years as their snack or lunch at Stroller Strides.

I taught the 11:00 Stroller Strides classes for years and my girls would eat lunch while I taught and then we would run home and take naps (side note, wow, that seems like just yesterday!). Those days have transitioned in to school, but not much has changed in their lunches.

Here are my basic guidelines- a fruit, a veggie, a form of protein, complex carbohydrate and healthy fat.

This photo shows what we have been in to lately- homemade healthy lunchables. Regular lunchables are loaded with chemicals and artificial junk that has no place in our food. A quick trip to Trader Joes every weekend and we are set for the week.

On my list- nitrate free ham or turkey, organic cheese sticks (I try to buy all dairy that we eat organic), whole wheat crackers or golden rounds (not whole wheat but I pick my battles), fruits and veggies that I can prep ahead of time.

Every night before I clean up the kitchen, I throw everything in a divided container and pop it in the fridge to grab in the morning. I use the heart shaped silicone baking cups to add extra dividers (I got the cups at Michaels).

It's easy and the girls love it! They come home with empty containers. I am by no means original with this idea- Pinterest is full of ideas for school lunches. You can check out our Stroller Snack/School Lunch board on Pinterest-

And just a last note- Think your kid won't eat veggies? Keep trying! I sent one of my girls (I won't throw anyone under the bus here...) to lunch with veggies every day last year, and every day she would come home with them still in her container. Every day I would throw them away. This year, she comes home with an empty container. Just keep trying!

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