Product Review- Swirlgear

I recently met the owner of a line of women's running clothing called Swirlgear through a Moms In Business group I am a part of. I checked out their website and was in love! Not only is the company based in Chicago, but it is run by another mom- who doesn't love that? I am all about supporting fellow local mamas in business. I visited their offices and met with the Senior Manager- we've got some exciting things in the works for the coming months, stay tuned! She also gave me one of the tops to try out, so here is my product review of their Long Sleeve running top.

Swirlgear specializes in moisture-wicking running gear, in flattering cuts and spray-dyed colors. The seams on the top are all flat, so there is no rubbing where you don't want it. I have crazy long arms, and the sleeves were plenty long enough, but the fabric also gave a bit when I got a little warm and wanted to push them up. The length of the top was great too. You may have discovered after having a baby that you need tops to be a little bit longer than before- it's due to your expanding ribcage during preganancy...and surprise! It may not have gone back to where it was before. So the length of the top was perfect for me- long enough to cover, but not too long I had to mess with it. I really liked the weight of the top too- I think it is perfect for the spring when it's not quite warm enough to wear a tank, and it's a little too warm to wear a jacket.

What I really loved about the top is the space-dye technique. Each piece is individually space-dyed so unique. I am over the all black workout look, the space-dyed tops and pants are fun and FRESH. I saw all of the samples in their offices too, and it was hard to pick a favorite.

The only thing I would mention as a caution- I tried the Pink/Black long sleeve that has pink color blocks down the side. My waistline is a bit of a trouble spot for me, as it is with so many moms, and I felt like the pink block was a big highlighter down the side. So if you are self-conscious about that area, pick a top that has a darker color block or the camo print on the side to help mask. I am laying it all out there out of love for you :)

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