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Playdate with a Purpose

After a Fit4Mom Stroller Strides class, I feel energetic yet peaceful. In thinking about how to articulate these feelings, I thought of the 4 sandwiched within Fit4Mom. In writing out FOUR, it came to me. Stroller Strides provides:


Opportunities to engage and excite my son

Uniting with other moms

Role Model

It is the R that I want to focus on in this blog. The best way to inspire our kids to lead active, healthy lives is through modeling. When our kids share our workout experience, they see energized, happy, relaxed, and strong moms! I have never seen a group fitness class where smiles are just as common as an elevated heart rate. Our kids are so perceptive and make the connection between working out and happiness. My youngest son, who comes with me when I teach, isn’t walking yet, but when he does, I can’t wait for him to join the other walkers who participate in their own “stroller strides” class after the moms finish!

In the spirit of role modeling, I invite you to join me on April 29th for a donation Stroller Strides class in partnership with More Than Milk, an organization uniting, inspiring, and energizing moms through philanthropy. In many ways More Than Milk mirrors FIT4MOM using philanthropy and volunteering instead of fitness. And like FIT4MOM kids are always invited and learn from a very young age that helping others is a way of life. This special donation class is part of More Than Milk and NPN’s Playdate with Purpose Challenge encouraging families across Chicago to unite and collect comfort items for NICU families. Collection items include board books, plastic baby toys, journals, and reusable water bottles (all new) and will be added to care packages for NICU families over the holidays. For more information about this class and the Playdate with Purpose Challenge visit

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