Our Holiday Wishlist 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Your FIT4MOM Chicago instructors have put together a Holiday Wishlist for you! The items on this list will help you start 2015 with the tools you need for a healthy New Year. Feel free to "accidentally" leave your computer open to this list, or pass it along for a friend.

1- Gift certificates to Athleta, Lucy or Lululemon- new workout clothes are always a good motivator!

2- A new blender to mix up fruit and veggie packed smoothies in the New Year- high end Vitamix, budget friendly The Magic Bullet

3- A new yoga mat and strap - you know yours is getting gross from lugging it around outside all summer

4- Gift certificate to a running store that offers gait analysis- locally we like Fleet Feet, Universal Sole and Dick's Pond.

5- Glittens for pushing your stroller when it's soooo cold out

6- A massage at your favorite spa

7- A Fit Bit- the Charge HR that is coming out in early 2015 has a built in heart rate monitor! Love that.

8- A Running Watch- some of our favorites are by Garmin and Bia

9- A New Cookbook is always a good way to motivate healthy happenings in the kitchen.

10- A spot in one of our January Body Back sessions! You've seen the moms getting great results, now it's time to see what YOU can do.

What's on your list this year?

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