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Our Biggest Winner- meet Emily!

What is the biggest lifestyle change you've made since starting?

The biggest lifestyle change I have made since starting the program is being aware of portion sizes, sodium, and sugar. When you watch those things in your diet it can be scary what you are really eating versus what you thought you were eating!

What's the biggest change you've seen in yourself?

The biggest change I have seen in myself is the desire to eat right all the time and the steep drop off in wanting "bad" foods. Once you are clean for a few weeks, processed food or foods high in bad fats do not look appetizing anymore. And if I do indulge, I immediately regret it and feel an overwhelming urge to get back on track!

How has Body Back impacted your family?

We are all eating better and my husband knows I am committed to my ever changing goals. He is being supportive and is even trying to eat salad! My biggest take-away from Body Back is that I cannot feel guilty about doing good things for myself and my mind and body. I am continuously trying to push aside the "mom guilt". It's an ongoing struggle.

If someone were on the fence about taking Body Back, I would tell them:

DO IT! I never expected to see this big of a change in 10 weeks. I went from feeling awful and not at all like myself to feeling AWESOME and like a better version of myself. It was truly life changing.

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