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Meet our July/August Mom of the Month, Sharon Trask

Sharon first joined Fit4Mom through Stroller Barre, and then Stroller Strides, and now is a seasoned Body Back athlete. You can find her and Will working out and playing at On Your Mark or running the 606.

Name: Sharon Trask

Child name and age: Will, 22 months

Where are you from: Akron, OH

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: validation from other amazing moms

Favorite Exercise: burpee!

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: Will's long afternoon nap, when I can shower leisurely, eat while reading and sleep myself.

What motivates you to exercise: how I feel after 2 days off: not myself, not the mom, partner or woman I want to be. Knowing how strong I am has always been a source of pride for me, and is now a huge part of the example I want to set for my child.

Piece of advice for new moms: Pick. Your. Battles. Find those priorities that make your family work and stick to your guns - and let the rest GO (easier said than done!)

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