Meet Our Biggest Winner

Our Body Back fall session wrapped up right before Thanksgiving. The moms had off the charts results as always- it's so inspiring to see these women transform. In each of our sessions we have a "Biggest Winner" who made the overall biggest % improvement. We will be highlighting each of these moms in our "Biggest Winner" blog post over the next week. First up, Rebecca! In her fall session she lost 13 lbs and almost 8 inches and she improved her mile run time by 2 minutes!!! Read on to hear more about her journey.

What is the biggest lifestyle change you've made since starting?

Mindful eating! I watch my portions, keep veggies at hand for snacks rather then chips/crackers and if I'm just bored...I stay out of the kitchen!

What's the biggest change you've seen in yourself?

I am waaaaay more active than I have been in years. I would say even a couple years before I had kids. It feels so good to keep moving! And I was sooooo sore the first couple weeks, I don't want to go back to that!

How has Body Back impacted your family?

Since I had my son, I "didn't have time" for the things I liked to do and my hobby became watching tv after bedtime. I am now more energetic and make time for myself (& dishes!) after bedtime now.

My biggest take-away from Body Back is:

I can do it! I was really afraid (terrified!!!) to work hard. That's why I was able to cut off 2 minutes on my mile! I was so scared to run a mile that first week. Considering everything I had done over the 10 weeks, I knew I could kick it up and blow my time out of the water. My original time was more of a mental thing, then "physical".

If someone were on the fence about taking Body Back, I would tell them:

It is worth the time, money, pain and sweat! DO IT!!! And don't spend a ton of money on workout clothes to start because you are jut going to have to buy new ones by the end!!!

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