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Meet Instructor of the Month Jessica Weber!

Introducing Our Instructor of the Month:

Jessica Weber

Teaches: Stroller Barre; subs Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, and Body Back

Hometown: Middletown, OH

Mom to: Manny, 2 years

How did you first get introduced to Fit4Mom/Stroller Barre? Cheers for Moms class with Jackie D and then a trial Stroller Barre class with Jackie S. I was hooked, Stroller Barre is my jam.

What made you want to become an instructor? Jackie was leaving on maternity leave and they were trying to find someone to fill in. I honestly did it because I was so terrified of Stroller Barre not existing anymore. I danced through high school and hoped that and my teaching background would make me a good instructor. Turns out I love it!!

What did you do before becoming an instructor? I was in grad school to become a teacher and working as the Education Coordinator for Chicago Opera Theater.

What is your favorite part of instructing? Being there for my clients and helping moms discover what they can do. Especially those who feel so different in their bodies after having a baby. Boy do I know how that feels.

Favorite exercise/song that you do? I love to torture moms with plie squats and lat pull downs to Ants go Marching and sing Over the Rainbow to the kiddos. They appreciate a good song.

What is your favorite non-kid workout song that gets you moving? I have some seriously embarrassing and inappropriate taste in music, so my favorite song I will admit to the public right now is Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop the Feeling.

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