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Meet Elizabeth - Our New Fit4Baby Instructor!

I am excited to teach Fit4Baby because I want to not only promote health and wellness in pregnancy, but also help moms build their village prior to the birth of their child(ren)! While I was pregnant, I struggled with balancing a healthy lifestyle and just wanting to sit and do nothing, because after all you are growing a human. I became lonely and saddened because no one else I knew was pregnant or were already moms and couldn't seem to remember what it was like, the first time around. Finding the Fit4Mom village not only reawakened my healthy lifestyle, it improved my overall life tenfold. With this village, I have gained lifelong friends and I want to share that village with as many moms as possible. Motherhood isn't for the faint of heart and having a support system in place that will be there of you when you need it the most is why I am so excited to be teaching Fit4Baby.

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