Lisa's Body Back Journey - Week 5


It’s the middle of week five and I have still not had any alcohol or soda. I had a couple moments of weakness in the form of a piece of candy last week and a Girl Scout Cookie over the weekend. It made me feel crappy, but I’m over it now. Onward and upward! 😊 I’ve been great about getting my workouts in and sticking to my planned meals and snacks. I even had a trip to my home town for a “Bubbly Brunch” and turned down a donut cake (yes, there is such a thing as a donut cake!) and said no to the bubbly. It feels good to have self-control most of the time, even if I have a few minor slip ups.

Success Strategies:

My most successful strategy so far is planning. From my meals to my workouts, planning is key. I can’t get down on myself when I do have slip ups. I won’t let one bad decision (er, cookie) derail my progress and success. On Body Back days, when I am especially hungry, I pack a snack bag with my favorites. I’m not tempted to buy something unhealthy on the go when I went through the effort of packing a snack bag!


Week five is always difficult for some reason. I see this happen with clients as well. My theory is we think we know what we are doing, we’re in a groove, so maybe we don’t write everything down. Or maybe we stretch the limits with recipes. The Body Back meal plan book is an essential tool to the program. I stick to it as much as possible to prevent veering from any recipes. Week five is also the week that weight isn’t just dropping off. I know I am losing inches and I can see my muscle definition again. That is my progress and my wins.

One thing I want to address is the concept of “Cheat Days.” I have been asked about this recently. I personally don’t believe in cheat days. It is a process to get rid of all the alcohol, sugar and processed foods out of my system. A cheat day would certainly make me crave those things again. I don’t miss soda and I only really miss wine/alcohol when I’m in social settings. So much of eating healthy is mental. Personally, I have to keep my mental slate just as clean as what I’m putting into my body. I want this to be my lifestyle. Will I have those things again? Of course. But in order to reset my mind and body, I’m going to skip the “cheat days”.😊

See you next week😊

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