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Lisa's Body Back Journey - Week 4


It’s the middle of week four and I have still not had any alcohol, wine or dessert. While the scale did move some last week, I’m much more excited to see the changes in the way my clothes fit. We had a snow day last Friday, so I had a little extra time to plan out my week. It is amazing how writing out my meals sets me up for a week of success. I could have all the ingredients in my house for a recipe, but if it isn’t written out and if I lack motivation, then it doesn’t happen. When these eight weeks are up, I WILL continue this habit of planning our weekly meals. (note to self for later😊)

Success Strategies:

Plan, plan, plan! We have eaten a couple meals out lately and the key is to review the menu and decide what I’m having before I get there. This is very helpful to ensure that when I get to the restaurant I don’t have to read the menu eight times. Knowing I’m getting a salad or something healthy keeps me from being tempted by the appetizer and dessert sections. When I’m not doing Body Back, I like them to bring me #alltheappetizers. Eating out can still be healthy when you plan! Drinking water also helps fill me up so I’m not “starving” when my food comes. I can actually enjoy the food at a restaurant!


Three words: Girl. Scout. Cookies. My daughter’s orders arrived over the weekend and we will be distributing them this week. We ordered a few boxes for after Body Back, so I just need to keep my mits out of them until then. I’m also struggling to get running in with all the snow and cold temperatures. I really dislike the treadmill, but I am making myself use it twice a week. Hopefully the snow will be gone soon enough and warm enough temps will return. Until next week…

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