Lisa's Body Back Journey - Week 2

Week 2


That first week is always the hardest and it is behind me! I had lost five pounds by my first weigh in. This significant drop happened last time at the beginning of my Body Back program and I have seen this happen to many clients as well. Ridding your body of all the processed food (especially salt!) tends to drop some easy pounds at the beginning. While that five pound kick start sure is nice, it would be considered an unhealthy loss if it happened every week.

Success strategies:

I was a rockstar planner this week. On days I knew I wouldn’t be home, I packed my snacks. This is key when you have a tendency to buy unhealthy snacks on the go. I stuck to every meal I planned and avoided all my temptations. I even picked out all of the croutons out of a salad! I hit my water and exercise goals as well. I have given myself an A+ for week one!


My biggest challenge this week was wine, especially once I got to the weekend. Wine is my go-to after a hard day, or in this case, a challenging week. I realize I use it as a crutch, which is not healthy. I’m going to use the next seven weeks to explore other ways to unwind; tea, meditation or maybe a book. I know it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

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