Lisa's Body Back Journey - The Prequel

January 14, 2018

T-minus 1 week until Body Back!

It has been 5 years since I have taken Body Back as a client. The first time, I lost 14 pounds and 6.5 inches off my waist. I’m not all the way back to where I was then (then as before those 8 weeks), but not far. I’ve tried to do Body Back alongside of my clients for years, but I was missing a key point of this program, accountability. I can follow the meal plan pretty well (and we have eaten generally healthy since my first session), but I am the queen of excuses. “I can have this glass of wine, it’s just one,” “I can eat this fried (fill in the blank), I ran today,” “I can eat this dessert, I had a bad day and I deserve it!” You know what I deserve, I deserve to take care of myself the same way I encourage my clients to take care of themselves. Each session I tell them that you get out of Body Back what you put into it. You follow the program 100%, you will see results. (It’s been proven😊)

What I’m excited about – I’m excited about working out with other moms. They are going to accept me as I am and we can all cheer each other on. There is no judging in Body Back! I’m excited to have a coach that cares about my success and will be on me if she sees me slipping up. I’m excited about weighing in once a week and being held accountable (side note, this is optional in Body Back, but it something that motivates me). I’m excited to try new recipes and get back to food is fuel instead of food is fun😊 I’m excited to belong to an accountability group as a client. Mostly, I'm excited about 2 dedicated hours to myself each week. Going to do my best to ignore my phone and give myself these 2 hours a week for class. (Really looking forward to those meditations at the end of class!)

What I’m scared of – I’m scared of no alcohol (let’s be honest, I like my wine), but I also know that I went through all my pregnancies without drinking and I came out of the other side just fine. I gave up alcohol then because I cared about the health of my babies, I should care about my health just as much, right?? I also completely gave up alcohol my first 8 week session way back when and no one was harmed, so I can totally do this! I’m scared of slipping. Slipping is what made the weight creep on the last few years (and turning 40 probably didn’t do me any favors), but I know I won’t want to let my coach down or anyone following my journey over the next 8 weeks, so I am pretty sure I can control the slipping thing too. Look at that, I just busted through my excuses and my fears and all that’s left is one kick ass journey over the next 8 weeks.

See you next week with my take on assessments and to write out my goals!

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