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December MOM- Meet Amy Singh!

At FIT4MOM Chicago, the core of our business is to help moms make strides in fitness, motherhood and life. We wouldn't be who we are without all of YOU! Our dedicated and faithful moms! Introducing the MOM- Mom Of the Month! The MOM recognizes one of our outstanding clients who has either made strides herself, or inspired someone else to do so. We are so lucky to have you all in our VILLAGE!

Name: Amy Singh

Name and Age of Child: Anil Singh, 1yr

Where are you from originally? I'm from Birmingham, MI but have been in Chicago for 15 yrs

Favorite FIT4MOM Memory: My favorite memory from FIT4MOM Chicago is when my instructor, Katie LaDow, came up to my friend (another fit mom) and I after class one day and told us how much of a change she had noticed in us since we started coming! It was great encouragement to keep at it everyday!

What is your favorite exercise? My favorite exercise is ABs anything! I love feeling the burn in my belly!

Favorite Mom-Me Time? My favorite Mom-me time of the day is when Anil takes his nap and I can get his meals ready for the day and then relax with a cup of coffee and watch my reality tv!

What motivates you to exercise? The motivation to exercise is basically seeing the change in myself. Muscles have popped up that weren't there before!

Best piece of advice for new moms: The best piece of advice I have for new moms is to make sure and take some time for yourself. It gives you much needed time to decompress from the stress of raising a tiny human.

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