Build a fairy garden!

Let’s get snowmen out of our minds and move on to something more condusive for spring weather-Perhaps it will make spring come a little quicker!

Last year, my daughter and I made a fairy garden, and it was such a fun activity. Fairy gardens are very versatile, and can be created in your existing garden or yard, or in a separate flower pot or even a large bowl.

So, what do you need to get started? Not much. One trip to Michael’s and Home Depot will do it. We chose a big plastic pot the first time around, and for the second one we had a section of our back yard dedicated to the fairy garden (pictured). We collected some of her small princesses, fairies, and woodland animals to add to the garden, but Michaels carries a Fairy garden starter kit which has really cute accessories that we added as well.

If you choose a flower pot, the key is not how deep it is, but how wide it is. You want to have enough area to play with so you can add little details and paths.

You’ll need soil, some flowers or little plants, and some moss. Home Depot usually has moss, but if not, the garden centers should. The moss looks like the grass, which is one of the keys to making it look more like a fairyland rather than just a pot with a bunch of flowers and fairies. Also, a bag of small stones or flat marbles (found in Michaels with the fillers for vases) are good for making paths. Other fun features to add include a little pond (put a little dish or cup in the dirt and fill it with water), homemade signs, and a fairy house. Michaels sells those wooden birdhouses in all shapes and sizes, so your child can decorate it and then add it to the garden. It’s a great personal touch!

This woman’s blog has great tips and ideas, so click here if you want to read more (or look it up on Pinterest): http://www.themagiconions.com/2009/09/how-to-make-fairy-garden.html

I am not that crafty, nor do I have a green thumb, but we still made a great garden that provided hours of fun for my daughter, and it was really pretty too!

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