Are you a logger?

As a personal trainer, I hear all of the time "I just can't seem to get over this weight loss hump". My first question back at them- "Are you a logger?" Logging your food intake is just as important, probably even MORE important, than your exercise. Researchers have found that Americans typically underestimate their food intake by about 25 percent while overestimating their daily physical activity levels. Moms in particular can do a lot of mindless eating during the day- grabbing a handful of your tots goldfish, eating the crust of their grilled cheese, you feel bad throwing away the leftover food on their plate, so you eat it and then you still eat your full dinner. Any of that sound familiar? Start logging your food and being more MINDFUL about your eating. A huge part of our Body Back program is a meal plan and food journal and it is truly the key to the success- I have seen moms transform their bodies by logging their food and making better choices.

How to start:

- Are you a paper and pen or app kind of person? If you are a paper person, it's as simple as getting a notebook from the grocery store. If you want a fancier version, there is a great resource called a FitBook- you can find it on amazon for about $20- it is a fitness and nutritional journal. If you are an app person, there are a number of different apps that are great- Loseit and MyFitnessPal.

- Keep your food journal with you at all times and write down whatever you are eating BEFORE you eat it.

- Start paying attention to serving size and recording it- if you are eating a cup of cereal, don't eye ball it! Get out your measuring cup and measure it out. Read labels for serving size information.

- Choose foods that are clean and close to the source- avoid processed foods. Again, read labels- you should be able to pronounce everything that is on the label.

- Try to eat only sitting down at the table- not sitting on the couch, standing at the counter, sitting in the car. Sitting down and being more present will help you be more mindful.

- Please promise me that you will stop eating off of your kids plates. You DESERVE better than leftover food! Not to mention that it's getting to be cold and flu season and you don't want to spread germs.

- Also make note about how you felt most of the day. You may start to see some patterns between what you are putting in your body for fuel and how you feel.

- Note your water intake- you should shoot for 8- 8 oz servings of water- more if you are nursing.

Let us help keep you accountable! Once you start logging, feel free to bring your journal to class for input and accountability from your instructors. This time of year we start getting surrounded by food, it's time to start paying attention!

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