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5 Things Stroller Barre Will NOT Do

We are moms, so our time is limited. Fit4Mom won’t waste that time on false promises and half-truths. Here are 5 things that Stroller Barre simply won’t do:

1. Give you longer leaner muscles. You may have heard this touted by other fitness programs, and it sounds great, but isn’t possible. Muscles are a fixed length, because they have origin and insertion points that cannot be changed. What Stroller Barre WILL do is help you burn fat which will make you leaner, and increase your flexibility, and improve your posture, which can make you appear taller.

2. Make you carve out more time for cardio. Traditional Barre classes do not include cardiovascular exercise, but Stroller Barre does! We save you time by giving you a complete workout in just 60 minutes.

3. Turn you into a ballerina. You will get to tap into your inner dancer (don’t worry if you don’t have one), but this is not a ballet class. It is much more functional than that. Stroller Barre WILL help you in your everyday life as a mom by improving the way your body moves and preventing injury. For example, it can help you carry that heavy carseat or stroller, and decrease your chance of injury when rapid deceleration is required-like when stopping a toddler from running into the street. Stroller Barre does this by increasing your core strength with compound movements that engage your whole body, and balance exercises that strengthen the small muscles surrounding your knees and ankles.

4. Bore you. Stroller Barre is totally different from traditional exercise, which makes it perfect for cross- training and rounding out your exercise program. Your body gets good at the exercises you do regularly. In order to see change, you must present your body with a different stimulus than to which it is accustomed. Barre WILL provide the variety your body needs.

5. Make you sore. Just kidding! The deep muscle work we do in Barre WILL make your muscles blissfully sore. That soreness comes from micro tears in your muscles, that when repaired by your body, make you stronger and give you the toned look you want.

Stroller Barre is every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 am at the Windy City Fieldhouse (heading outdoors in May!). Come join us to see what what it WILL do for you and your little one (no child care fee required!). Register at

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