We are officially bloggers!

It is time for Fit4Mom Chicago to join the bloggers of the world! Woohoo! My name is Jackie Dorris and I am the owner of Fit4Mom Chicago. This has been an exciting year for me and the business side of Fit4Mom Chicago- we re-branded from Stroller Strides into Fit4Mom, I became a Fit4Mom Master Trainer, we added Stroller Barre classes, we are in the process of expanding into the north and northwest suburbs... I could go on and on! But it wasn't always like this, so I thought I would take my first blog post to talk about where and why Stroller Strides Chicago started, or as I like to say "born".

In September 2006, my life was changed completely by the birth of my first daughter. I was the first of all of my friends to have a baby and I did not know a single other mom in the City. I was TERRIFIED! I went back to work part-time with a 2 month old daughter. In an effort to meet some other moms on my days home, I joined a mom and baby class at a local children's gym. I would go to class once a week, and every day I would come home and cry. None of the other moms would talk to each other. The classes were all about interacting with the babies. I thought, what about me? I want to interact too! I need to talk to someone to about how hard breastfeeding is. I need to talk to someone about how I haven't slept in four weeks. I need to talk to someone to tell me that my baby doing this ("this" being whatever totally awesome/freaky new thing she was doing) is totally normal.

At this same time, I remembered having seen Lisa Druxman, the founder of Stroller Strides, on the Today Show, a few years ago. I thought, hmmm, I could definitely use a workout and I know I want to meet other moms. So I looked them up online- thank goodness for the internet is all I have to say. I had my daughter before Facebook and Twitter and all this social media stuff. At least with the internet I could connect to something! Anyway, so I looked up Stroller Strides. When I put in my zip code, there wasn't one anywhere near me in Chicago. I thought, "What? How can that be? There are moms and babies everywhere here!" The more time I spent on the website, the more I started to think "This is what I NEED! This community is what I have been looking for!" When you search for a Stroller Strides in your area and one doesn't come up, a little box pops up and says something to the effect "You could start your own! Click here for more info". So I held my breath and clicked...and haven't looked back since.

So that's the beginning of the story. I'll be sharing other stories from along the way in this blog, but you won't only be hearing from me, you'll hear from your other awesome instructors, local experts in a variety of fields and more. We'll talk fitness, we'll talk family, we'll talk fun.

Thanks for reading! Stride on!

This photo is from our Grand Opening!

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