Snow Play Without the COLD!

This month we are welcoming two new Playgroup Captains to our City locations- Becky O'Hearn and Karyn Eckman! I am so excited- these ladies will be helping plan our playgroups, moms night out and they will also be contributing to this blog! I don't want you to only hear from me :) So without further ado- our first post from Becky O'Hearn- playgroup captain!

- Jackie

Snow Play Without the COLD!

The first real snowfall of the winter also came with some brutal temperatures. My kids have been begging to play outside, but I know I wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes – Plus, I really didn’t want to have to take them to the hospital for frostbite or hypothermia! So, today, I got wise and brought the snow INSIDE for all to enjoy.

I grabbed a large bowl, some measuring cups, spoons, and ice cream scoopers, and let them go at it. My daughter scooped and dumped, and made snowballs and “ice cream”. She put on gloves every so often when her hands got a little too cold, but then took them off to feel the snow in her hands again. My youngest poked and squished it and loved the sensation of it. It was his first real experience with snow. It was a simple and fun activity. They played together for a long time, didn’t make much of a mess, and they were not restricted by giant snowsuits and boots. Plus, I was able to finish dinner while they played. Win-Win!

So when you have snow outside but not the courage to brave the cold, bring it in!

Also, if you and the kids have cabin fever but there’s not any snow to play with outside, you can make your own magic snow! I got the recipe from here. You’ve got to check this out:,

Basically, all you need is a large box of baking soda and a can of shaving cream (the foam kind). Mix it together, and you’ve got COLD smooth snow-like material to play with! It’s a fun sensory-filled experience--even for the grown ups!


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