Meet our new Playgroup Captain!

Hi Fit4Mom Friends,

I am so excited to be taking over the Fit4Mom Playgroup Captain role this new year. I love spending time with my fellow Striders and their kiddos. It's always nice to see the kids out and interacting after us moms have had our power hour to workout! Though many of you I already know, if I have not had the opportunity to introduced myself to you, please take a jog by and say hi during our workout! I am the mommy with 2.5 year old Kayden and baby Jacob sitting up pretty in his bassinet.

In taking on this new role I also get the privilege of planning a monthly Mom's Night Out. My husband gives me a "hard" time now when I tell him I "have" to go out, its my job:) In reality, it is important that we take time to ourselves every once in awhile and leave our kids in others good hands. I know how hard it can be to get out in the evenings, but I hope that many of you will be able to attend the fun events that are to come!

If you have any suggestions on playgroup ideas or mom's night outs please feel free to email me, karynmarie526@yahoo.com, or talk to me in class.

Stride On,

Karyn Eckman

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