Meet Our Instructor of the Month - Caroline Goodreau!

Introducing Our Instructor of the Month:

Caroline Goodreau

Teaches: Body Back

Hometown: Elgin, IL

Mom to: Gwennie (5) Matilda (3)

How did you first get introduced to Fit4Mom/Body Back? I took Body Back when my girls were 2 and 4months. I knew that once I was getting sleep I could commit to getting back into shape. I immediately fell in love with the supportive community, that hour for myself, and killer workouts!

What made you want to become an instructor? I’ve always loved working out and taking group fitness classes. I found wonderful success with Body Back and knew I could help other moms feel as great as I do!

What did you do before becoming an instructor? I was an elementary school teacher!

What is your favorite part of instructing? Everything! The energy, the creativity, making fun (or as some call them “eclectic”) playlists! Above all, I LOVE the community. Every single one of my clients is a friend. We talk, we text, we email, we workout together. As moms of little ones, we are going through such a beautiful and challenging part of life and we get to do it together! I also love the transformations I get to witness in Body Back. These ladies are all so inspiring!

Favorite exercise: I LOVE Burpees! I try to do some variation (or a few) in every class! They incorporate strength, cardio, core-all of the key elements in our workouts!

Favorite Body Back approved meal or snack? Sweet potato taco is my go-to! Shredded chicken over a baked sweet potato topped with salsa and avocado. Add cheese or non fat greek yogurt if you’re doing dairy. It is so delicious and easy!

What is your favorite non-kid workout song that gets you moving? I love music! It can really add so much to your workout. I’m loving Daya- Sit Still Look Pretty, Flume-Never Be Like You, but my favorite workout song since spring has been Flo Rida’s My House. Not sure what that says about my taste in music, but it’s a really great song to squat to! Try it!

*If you’d like to take a class from Caroline, she teaches Body Back Wednesdays 7PM and Saturdays 7:45AM at our Kidville location.

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