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If I Could Visit Myself 4 Years Ago, I Would Say…

When I had Jackson, I don’t ever remember making excuses for getting out and doing things. Running errands, meeting a friend for lunch or even grocery shopping. He was an easy going baby, he sat nicely in the car seat/shopping cart/stroller and was content just to be. When I did Stroller Strides with him, he was engaged, he laughed, he was content to play with a water bottle if he got bored. And then I had Mackenzie, and everything changed.

I was scared to leave the house. They were only 20 months apart. What would I do with Jackson while I got Mackenzie out of the car? How would I fit them both in a cart? What if I needed to nurse Mackenzie and Jackson ran away? I’m sure I was not the first one to have these thoughts and concerns and I won’t be the last.

Where things really got hairy was Stroller Strides. I had a Sit-n-Stand stroller. I was able to strap Jackson on the seat option and he enjoyed the class, Mackenzie, on the other hand….And I did something I have heard many others do over the years, I made excuses. If I could go back now, I would have answers to every excuse I made.

I didn’t have the right stroller - While not ideal, it was fine as long as I wasn’t sprinting.

Mackenzie is not good in the stroller – I didn’t give Mackenzie a chance to be good in the stroller. She was 7 months old when we started and 9 months old when we stopped.

It costs too much money anyway. – I don’t remember what the exact membership rate was at the time, but if I went 10-12 days a month, that was only $6ish a class. I wasn’t getting that good of deal at the gym I belonged to because every other week one of my kids would get sick at the gym daycare and I couldn’t go back until they were well. And don’t even get me started on how many times I had to quit working out because someone was crying inconsolable or somebody pooped.

I’m sure Mackenzie is disrupting the whole class - Every kid has their good days and bad days. I never gave Mackenzie a chance. As an instructor, I see kids struggle and then in the blink of an eye they are fine. We have all been there, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. One of the wonderful benefits of Stroller Strides is that nobody is judging you or your child!

I am now kicking myself over the couple years I missed out on Stroller Strides because of the excuses I made. I hope I can save other moms from making these same excuses and missing out on something wonderful!

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