Gobble Gobble! 5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving!

I'll tell you something, I love this time of year. I love the smell of pumpkin and pine, I love decorating and crafting, I love snuggling on the couch and watching movies with my girlies, I love shopping for gifts. What I don't love? All of the focus on food. Thanksgiving is about spending time with your family and friends and being thankful for all that you have, but let's be honest, to a lot of people, Thanksgiving is about the huge meal. So here are 5 tips to help you get through Thanksgiving with your waistline in check.

  • #1 Do something active first thing in the morning- One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving morning is a Turkey Trot. There are a number of different races around the City- Edison Park, Naperville, Lincoln Park- check out this link for a complete list of area runs: What I love about Turkey Trots is that there are all ranges of ages and fitness, you see a lot of families out there together having a good time. It doesn't matter if you run or walk and most of the races are stroller friendly. If getting up early is not your thing, go on a family walk in the afternoon after your meal- gentle activity will help with your digestion and will certainly burn more calories than sitting on the couch watching football.

  • #2- Portion control is key- At your Thanksgiving meal, fill half of your plate with veggies. I always offer to bring a salad to the celebration so that I know there will be some veggies to eat. And please note: green bean casserole doesn't count as a veggie because it's green! Watch your serving sizes of other things- especially stuffing. I saw a recipe online for stuffing that is made in muffin cups- automatic portion control! I love it. A serving size of poultry is roughly the size of a deck of cards.

  • #3- Think about what you REALLY want to eat- what is that one special food that you only get at Thanksgiving that you love? Use your calories on that, not something you can eat everyday. For example- I could eat a roll any day of the year, so I'm going to choose some yummy potato concoction that I can only eat on Thanksgiving for my plate instead.

  • #4- Don't go back for seconds- It's simple. Just don't do it. You don't need them. SAY NO!

  • #5- Thanksgiving is only ONE day- You may have enough leftovers for a week, but that doesn't need to be an excuse to continue filling your plate high with calorie dense food. Use your leftover turkey to make a turkey soup, freeze leftover potatoes and stuffing for a later meal, send leftovers home with your guests.

And if all else fails and you overindulge, come join us at Stroller Strides or Body Back BOOST on Monday, December 2nd and we'll help you burn it off!

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