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December Mom of the Month - Mary Garcia

Introducing our November Mom of the Month:

Mary Garcia

Child name and age: Rohan, 8 and a half months

Where are you from: The south of Ireland originally but moved to states 14 years ago

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: Favorite thing is the fact that Glenview offers classes 5 days a week so no matter what goes on in my schedule I have an opportunity to attend a class. Its good for my mind and body so I make conscious effort to attend as much as possible. Even on days where your just worn out, it's worth making the effort

Favorite Exercise: Ab exercises and sliders. Sliders were introduced recently in class and they definitely amp up a workout. It's nice to change things up from regular routines

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: I guess after Rohan goes to sleep. I get an opportunity to get everything in order, wind down and watch some TV for a while. Sounds pretty basic but taking care of baby sometimes doesn't leave you a lot of time for anything else. Any "me" becomes a precious commodity

What motivates you to exercise: What motivates me is the fact that I want to remain healthy and active. I'm still working on where I want to be weight wise (the last few pounds always seem the hardest to shake) but it's a goal that I'll keep working towards. It's also really important to me and my husband to show Rohan how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Piece of advice for new moms: It gets easier!!! When I first started stroller strides Rohan would get really fussy during every class. I was exhausted, breastfeeding and getting used to a totally different lifestyle of being a stay at home mom. It was a lot harder than I anticipated. There was some classes where I literally had to leave mid class because Rohan wouldn't stop crying which in turn made me shed some tears also. Eventually it gets better though so keep on trying, you deserve it

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