Body Back Excuse-Buster!

We are gearing up to start our Fall Body Back sessions next week. With that, I thought it was time to give some of the excuses surrounding Body Back a voice…and bust them out of your mind. In Body Back, we talk a lot about getting rid of excuses and quieting that voice in your head that isn’t serving you. Get these excuses out of your mind- they are only holding you back from an incredible experience!

Excuse #1: It’s too expensive

When you break down what you are getting in your Body Back session, it is an absolute steal and one of the best fitness bargains out there. Your session fee includes:

· 2 high intensity interval workouts per week PLUS suggested workouts and workout calendar for off-days

· Meal plan and food journal with DAILY support, interaction and accountability with your instructor and group for inspiration and motivation.

· Before and after fitness assessments, individualized goal setting and analyzed results at the end of the session

· Group support and inspiration throughout the program

The ACCOUNTABILITY that you get from your instructor and your group is priceless. And you could get all of this for less than $6/day. How much did you spend at Starbucks this morning? Isn’t your health worth $6/day?

Excuse #2: I don’t want to have to buy anything extra

There are a lot of gimmicks out there. The reality is that if you want to make realistic changes that will last, there are no quick fixes. Body Back focuses on educating you to eat clean and make lifestyle changes that will have a lifelong impact on your health and wellness. You won’t be putting anything extra in your grocery cart in terms of supplements or cleanses. Your cost of groceries will stay relatively the same. What may change is what you are actually putting in your cart. Body Back clients grocery carts are full of foods that are clean and close to the source, avoiding processed foods and buying fresh as much as possible. For your additional workouts, your instructor will work with what you have access to to give you suggestions.

Excuse #3- I don’t have childcare

Body Back is a mom-only class which often brings a childcare challenge. We do offer a daytime option with free childcare now, which is a great addition to our schedule (check out more info here). For the evening/weekend class- if childcare is an issue, is there a friend or a neighbor that could come watch your kiddo while you go workout? Or get a babysitter for two hours- it will be worth it- it’s only two hours. Fit4Mom Chicago clients get a discount with Kgrace Childcare of $25 off your first months dues.

YOU ARE WORTH IT. As moms, we so often put our wants and needs on the back burner. We let everyone else’s needs come before ours. But YOU deserve to feel good about yourself. YOU deserve to feel strong. YOU deserve to be a part of a group of amazing women. YOU deserve to smile when you walk in to your closet. YOU deserve to take the time for yourself.

***Special for first time Body Back clients! Sign up with a friend by Friday, September 5th and you both get $50 off!*** Go to for complete session details.

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