August MOM- Mom of the Month

Meet Kate Connor, our August MOM! Kate has been a Body Back client for the last several sessions and has made huge strides, not only having lost pounds and inches, but in her acceptance of herself and her body. We hope she can help motivate you by sharing her story! And if hearing her story sparks your interest in Body Back, be sure to check out one of our THREE fall sessions!

Name: Kate Connor

Child name and age: Sophia, 3 years old

Where are you from: Originally from Wisconsin. I have been in Chicago for over 10 years.

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: I always laugh because, at the end of class, we are all too tired to stretch in the same direction. I also love swapping recipes and hearing everyone’s “tricks” for getting through the day/week/season.

Favorite Exercise: I like doing sprints and burpies—(I cannot stand alligator crawls).

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: The first deep breath after crawling into bed for the night…

What motivates you to exercise: After being pretty active throughout my life- I had a very difficult pregnancy and delivery, I struggled to find myself again. I had to learn my “new body” and Body Back has allowed me to do so. Fellow body-backer and friend, Hilary, is also an inspiration to keep coming and stay focused. She introduced me to Fit4Mom and has been a huge support in keeping me motivated (even bringing food to my house!). Every mom needs someone like that in her life!

Piece of advice for new moms: Don’t worry about making mistakes- you will. Find a few people you trust and seek their council.

Practical note: I’m not crafty- so I send pictures of my daughter with a little note of what we’re doing to my mom. She puts the pictures in an annual book for our daughter. She does a great job, stays involved from afar, and Sophia gets a great scrapbook every year.

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