Get to know our May Mom of the Month!

Name: Meg Boudouris

Child name and age: Ellie, 15 months

Where are you from: Wheaton, IL (but we live in Edison Park)

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: It sounds lame, but everyone really is so accepting, welcoming, and helpful.

Favorite Exercise: Blast offs

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: Nap time when I get the chance to shower, work on projects, and eat things without sharing.

What motivates you to exercise: I've always struggled with my body image and weight and I don't want to transfer any of that onto Ellie. I want her to see exercise as a normal, fun part of daily life.

Piece of advice for new moms: Someone will probably tell you that it will get easier at 3 months. And then you may end up sobbing, "but it's 4 months and she's still not happy. Am I broken? Did I break her?" to your husband. Everything is probably ok. Things didn't get "easier" until after 6 months--but it finally happened and she's almost over the top happy now!


Meet our Instructor of the Month -

Stacey Hubbard

Teaches: Stroller Strides in Vernon Hills

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Mom to: Patrick-6 and Laynie-3

How did you first get introduced to Fit4Mom? After I had my first child, I decided not to go back to work full-time. But I loved the fitness field, and wanted to stay in it! I looked for a way I could do that as a mom. I found Fit4Mom, and it was a perfect fit. I started as the instructor of Fit4Baby in Chicago in 2012 and was the first Stroller Barre instructor in the city. I took a break from teaching after having my second child, then came back last summer instructing the lovely ladies in Arlington Heights, and now as of March 2017, am happy to be the Stroller Strides Instructor in Vernon Hills!

What made you want to become an instructor? My degree is in Exercise Science, and I truly enjoy the field. The body is an amazing thing-it is meant to move, and I feel...


Introducing Our March Mom of the Month:

Christy Wolf

Children Names and Ages: Wesley - 2.5 years; James (JJ) - 6 months

Where are you from: The Chicago suburbs, but I've lived in the city since graduating from undergrad

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: My favorite thing is the community Fit4Mom provides; I have loved getting to know other moms in the Fit4Mom village and am always amazed at how supportive everyone is of one another.

Favorite Exercise: Pushups

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: After both kids fall asleep and I can spend some time relaxing, catching up with my husband, or getting things done that are almost impossible to do with a toddler and baby vying for my attention.

What motivates you to exercise: My biggest motivators are that I want to be healthy and strong so I can be there for my family and I want set a positive example of a healthy lifestyle for them. Working...


Introducing Our Instructor of the Month:

Meredith Valentine

Teaches: Fit4Baby and sub for Stroller Strides

Hometown: Rockford, IL but I've been in Chicago for over 11 years :)

Mom to: Oliver, he's 8 months old

How did you first get introduced to Fit4Mom/Stroller Strides? My friend, Stephanie, did stroller strides with her girls and after Oliver was born, she encouraged me to attend!

What made you want to become an instructor? I love working out and it was important to me to stay healthy and strong even though I had a young baby. Finding Stroller Strides was so amazing for me and I wanted to share that passion with other moms. Learning about Fit4Baby was just icing on the cake!

What did you do before becoming an instructor? I was a preschool teacher :)

What is your favorite part of Instructing? I love when moms come up to me after class to let me know they enjoyed it! Makes me...

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Introducing our January Mom of the Month:

Faye Herzog

Child name and age: Emerson, 17 months

Where are you from: Portage Park and almost lifelong Chicagolandian

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: Not only is Fit4Mom about doing something healthy for yourself, but the village that comes with it is an added bonus!

Favorite Exercise: Squats of any kind

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: When EmJ finally goes down for the night and I get to catch up on junk shows or internet

What motivates you to exercise: The feeling of accomplishment after a workout (of any kind) and knowing that it is part of living a healthy lifestyle motivates me to exercise.

Piece of advice for new moms: It's ok to ask...

MOM - Mary.jpg

Introducing our November Mom of the Month:

Mary Garcia

Child name and age: Rohan, 8 and a half months

Where are you from: The south of Ireland originally but moved to states 14 years ago

Favorite Thing/Memory about Fit4Mom: Favorite thing is the fact that Glenview offers classes 5 days a week so no matter what goes on in my schedule I have an opportunity to attend a class. Its good for my mind and body so I make conscious effort to attend as much as possible. Even on days where your just worn out, it's worth making the effort

Favorite Exercise: Ab exercises and sliders. Sliders were introduced recently in class and they definitely amp up a workout. It's nice to change things up from regular routines

Favorite Mom-me time of the day: I guess after Rohan goes to sleep. I get an opportunity to get...

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10 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress!

Do you get stressed out during the holidays? Shopping for everyone on your list, and fighting the crowds to find that one “toy of the year” that seems to be sold out everywhere you go! Lots of wonderful, but also not very healthy for you, food at parties and get togethers with family and friends. The decorating, the traveling, the visits to see Santa… While all of these things can bring you joy, they can also bring you stress and feelings of anxiety. Don’t worry mama! We’ve got some quick-fix tips and stress busting strategies to help you make it into the New Year!

#10. She’s making a list and checking it twice- Get organized by making yourself lists. Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget, especially when you have little ones constantly grabbing your focus away, but making lists will help you keep your mind on track! Whether you are shopping, making dinner, packing for a trip, planning your daily tasks, take 5 min and jot it all down. Plus, you get that...


Healthy Thanksgiving Inspired Recipes

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends. It’s a time to celebrate being together, and being thankful for all that we have. It’s also a time when most of us throw healthy eating out the window. I know, it’s just one day, right?…. But instead of reheating all that yummy/not so good for you food the next day, try a few of these healthy recipes to help you get back on track after a day of indulgence!

Our first couple of recipes give you options for all of that leftover turkey! Because although someone might have gobbled up all the sweet potato pie, there is sure to be enough leftover turkey to spare for days on end.

Turkey “Chicken” Salad

2 cups of shredded turkey breast

¼ cup dried cranberries (no sugar added)

½ cup low fat Greek yogurt

½ cup crisp apples(any variety)

½ tsp garlic powder

¼ cup chopped walnuts or slivered almonds

1 TBSP lemon juice

Salt and Pepper to taste

Directions: Combine all the...

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Shop Small Businesses

Being a small, mom owned and operated business ourselves, Fit4Mom Chicago knows just how important support from our local community can mean. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some other local mom owned small businesses, and friends of Fit4Mom Chicago. We hope you will keep them in mind the next time you are looking for one of these products or services.

Need to check some things off your holiday shopping list this season? Check out the awesome products these moms have available for you below!

Handmade Bandana Bibs-Elizabeth Vincent

Great for teething, snack time, or every day use! Great for ages 3 months to 12 months. Each bib is $5 and they are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer. Patterns are always changing and custom orders are accepted. Please email to place an order or if you have any questions.

LuLaRoe Clothing- In search of the...

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Introducing Our Instructor of the Month:

Jessica Weber

Teaches: Stroller Barre; subs Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, and Body Back

Hometown: Middletown, OH

Mom to: Manny, 2 years

How did you first get introduced to Fit4Mom/Stroller Barre? Cheers for Moms class with Jackie D and then a trial Stroller Barre class with Jackie S. I was hooked, Stroller Barre is my jam.

What made you want to become an instructor? Jackie was leaving on maternity leave and they were trying to find someone to fill in. I honestly did it because I was so terrified of Stroller Barre not existing anymore. I danced through high school and hoped that and my teaching background would make me a good instructor. Turns out I love it!!

What did you do before becoming an instructor? I was in grad school to become a teacher and working as the Education Coordinator for Chicago Opera Theater....

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